PISTA is an Afrikan design and innovation collective.

We help organisations navigate and innovate in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. We use design thinking methodologies to solve problems and exploit business opportunities—generating new growth, meaningful differentiation, and economic value.

Our uniqueness

Ours is a collaborative model: our value rests on the creative prowess of independent thinkers, designers, artists, engineers, musicians, anthropologists, correspondents, entrepreneurs, and more.

This transdisciplinary thinking, rigorous research, and inventive methods based in business rationale and good design allows us to innovate better.

With networks in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa we have access to diverse insights into emerging markets and trends in Afrika.

Our offering

  1. Product innovation : we build better products & services for people’s future needs.
  2. People intelligence : we understand people’s hearts and minds better.
  3. Marketing & commerce : we connect better with people to deliver products & services.
  4. Sustainability : we build better circular economies for people, profit and the planet.